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  • Lila Downs, GRAMMY winner 2013

    We want to express our gratitude and happiness to see Lila Downs winning Best Regional Mexican Album at The GRAMMYs with "Pecados y Milagros".

    "I want to thank my mom for feeding me through her womb with the ability to live and love", she said.

    If you still don't have it, look for in the Official Store or download <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>.

  • Live streaming: Lila Downs press conference this January 23d

    You can be part of this, live! This January 23d at 1 pm Mexico (2pm EST) there will be a live streaming from México with Lila Downs giving a press conference. She might answer some questions from fans watching online! <a href="" target="_blank">Here's the channel, click to read more!</a>
    Download <a href="" target="_blank">"Pecados y Milagros"</a> if you still don't have it.

  • Lila Downs, Grammy nominated!It's an honor to share with you that ila Downs just got a Grammy nomination in the category "Best Regional Mexican Music Album" on the 55th edition of Grammy Awards. The ceremony will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday February 10th, 8pm ET.

    To read the full list of nominees, read more.

    Download "Pecados y Milagros" on iTunes or find it at your favorite store.
  • Lila Downs, winner of a Latin Grammy 2012!

    Las night, Lila Downs won a Latin Grammy for "Best Folk Album" with "Pecados y Milagros". But who better than herself to share her feelings? Here a personal message from Lila.
    ¡THANKS for believing in folk music! Thanks for cheering us up when we are feeling down, for giving us your love and words of goodwill to keep us believing in Zapata, México, tradition and our people... In Magic and countless faith for Latinoamerica!
    THANK YOU to our production team, especially to Kat Cook! For pulling it all together, everbody at Sony and Westwood for loving support.

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